Boarding at Topsider

Updated for October 2022

All available pastures and stalls are full. We are not accepting new clients for boarding at this time.


Stall Board

Our stall board option is full-care and includes occupancy of one 12' x 12' stall in our main barn. Stalls are cleaned daily.

A limited number of 12' x 14' stalls are available.


Maximizing safe turnout time is an essential part of our care plan. Stalled horses are turned out 7 days a week for 6 - 12 hours (weather and season permitting) into a cozy private paddock surrounded by other horses.


Pasture Board

Our popular pasture board option is full-care and features 24/7 turnout in one of our sizeable private pastures equipped with a 12' x 12'+ shed.


A stall is always available in the main barn for every pasture board horse in the event of extreme weather events or unexpected injuries.

What's Included?

We develop, implement, and regularly reassess personalized care plans for each horse's goals, whether they be retirement, leisurely rides, or competition. 

Board includes a feed credit equivalent to the cost of an average horse's diet. Additional forage or grain is available at market rates to meet your horse's individual nutritional requirements. We primarily carry Purina products, as well as high-quality coastal hay and alfalfa.


We will schedule and hold your horse for routine healthcare appointments with our veterinarians and farriers. Electrolytes are included in grain seasonally, and we deworm regularly.


If provided by the owner, we will feed supplements, apply fly spray, and take equine apparel (blankets, flymasks, etc.) on and off.

Additional Services & Products

While our basic board packages include the necessities, we offer additional services, products, and packages to customize your horse's care for an extra fee.

Our staff delights in grooming, exercising, or playing with the horses during your busy times or vacations, making sure your horse's care routine never misses a beat.

We stay stocked with a curated collection of equine products allowing you to spend less time at the store, and maximum time enjoying your horse.