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Horse Boarding Application

Topsider Farm is a full-care horse boarding facility providing concierge horse care in the Brazos Valley. To maintain a relaxed and positive atmosphere, and continue to provide a safe environment for our horses and riders we ask that all potential boarders complete the following application. Please complete one form for each horse.


Please note: Topsider Farm does not accept stallions, pregnant mares, or untrained horses for boarding at this time.

Applicant Information

Regarding the horse below, I am the:

Horses on Lease or Payment Terms

If the horse is leased, or on payment terms, a copy of the contract must be provided when submitting this form and Legal Owner’s Information must be provided.

Upload File

Horse Information


Horse Health & Behavior History

Does this horse have a history of any of the following health concerns? Check all that apply:
Does this horse have a history of any of the following behaviors? Check all that apply:

Current Diet & Lifestyle

Grain Given:
Hay/Forage Given:
Supplements Given:
This horse is primarily:

Boarding History

Please list the most recent location your horse has lived or is currently living:

Can we contact this person/facility for a reference?

Primary Veterinarian


Can we contact this farrier for a reference?
Can we contact this veterinarian for a reference?


Do you work with a trainer or instructor?
Can we contact this trainer for a reference?
Do you plan to have this trainer or another trainer/instructor teach you at our facility?

Additional Reference

Please provide an additional personal reference that is horse-related (trainer, etc.)

Your application will be reviewed upon submission, and a decision will be made as quickly as practical. As a follow-up, we may reach out to you and/or your references. Please note that completion of this form does not guarantee that your horse will be accepted for boarding. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Thanks for submitting! Please check your inbox for the confirmation of submission.

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